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Matched Field Processing/ Inversion
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- NEW: Method of Characteristics, 2D-MC: Matlab program for Time dependent solution of the Euler and continuity equations with adiabatic condition in a waveguide with a homogeneous fluid layer overlying a rigid bottom, using the method of Characteristics with Semi-Lagrange scheme, which is not constrained by Courant-Friedrichs- Lewy (CFL) condition. This version is, however, restricted to CFL = 1. Sample outputUsers guideZIP-file. (Keiichi Ohkawa, Technical R&D Institute, Japan Ministry of Defense)
-The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics: The whole book and some of the fortran codes are available online. (Stephen M Kirkup, University Central Lancashire)
- GeoAcoustic_TDFD: Time domain finite difference modeling in a numerical scattering chamber - acoustic, elastic and anelastic wave propagation and scattering in 2-D fluid/solid media with volume heterogeneity and surface/interface roughness. Users guide , Plotting users guide . Download source in Fortran, plotting GUI in matlab and examples. (Ralph Stephen and Tom Bolmer, Marine Seismology and Geoacoustics Group, WHOI)
-Cabrillo: Acoustic, elastic and poroelastic finite difference modeling of wavepropagation on a staggered grid using the Fourier Spectral method in the time domain. (Peter Gerstoft, Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
-FENL: Solution of the Helmholtz equation in an axially symmetric waveguide consisting of fluid layers overlying a rigid bottom, using the finite element technique. The above approach is used to simulate the propagation of sound waves due to a harmonic point source placed in the waveguide. Download FENL (Nikolaos Kampanis, FORTH, Greece ).

Matched-Field Processing and Inversion
-Collection of presentations at the Acoustical Society of America May 2003 Special session on Geoacoustic inversion
- SAGA Seismo-Acoustic inversion using Genetic Algorithms: acoustic models are built-in for an automated inversion algorithm. (Peter Gerstoft, Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
- Rotated: Geoacoustic inversion using a rotated coordinate system.  Users guide , Download , (Laurie T. Fialkowski, Joseph F. Lingevitch and John S. Perkins NRL).
-Matched-field processing bibliography: in BibTeX. (Christoph Mecklenbrauker)
-Signal Processing Information Base, SACLANT SONAR data taken on a 48 phone VLA and stored in Matlab format. (IEEE)
-Hudson: The data from the Hudson Canyon experiment (NUWC/WHOI) suitable for matched-field processing.
-AMSP: Matched-field processing test cases from the Acoustic Models in Signal Processing workshop held at NRL in 1993. See J. Computational Acoustics Vol 2, 1994.

Scatt_strength (zip file): Matlab routines to calculate the incoherent component of the bistatic scattering strength of the ocean surface (air-sea interface + bubble clouds) and bottom interface (Roger Gauss, NRL).

- NPAL: The North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory (NPAL) project is a multi-institutional program aimed at understanding the behavior of sound transmissions in the ocean over long distances.
-OCTOPUS: Ocean Tomography Operational Package and Utilization Support, an European Mast project. Notice the ocean acoustic toolboxes (Forward acoustic and Inversion-related acoustic) on this site.
-Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate (ATOC)
-Brian Dushaw's tomography page

Internal Waves
-Wave: A code for calculating the internal wave eigen-frequencies and modes; Displacement and sound speed realizations.
Manual in MS-Word and the zipped source code (Richard Evans, SAIC).
-CAFI: Computation of Acoustic Fluctuations from Internal waves: This code calculates statistical effects of internal waves: both their effects within the geometrical optics approximation, and their diffractive effects. These internal-wave calculations are done by means of corrections to deterministic ray theory derived from path-integral techniques. Manual Source code . Code is written by Stan Flatte and Galina Rovner with the current update (Sep 2012) from Rex Andrew ( Rex Andrew).

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty is monitored by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, a political organization that monitors data continuously flowing from 321 seismic, hydroacoustic and infrasound stations around the world. Based on these data, a list of possible explosions is created, partly by automatic processing and partly by human analysts. 

Computational Ocean Acoustics -
-Demo: Demonstration codes of PE, normal mode, wavenumber integration, and ray models in Matlab with write-up on formulation. Mike Porter, HLS Research .
-JKPS: Errata and Problem Sets for Computational Ocean Acoustics (Jensen, Kuperman, Porter, and Schmidt, Springer Verlag, 2000, out of print).

Mathematical software
See ORFEUS Seismological Software Library: Links to mathematical, optimization and graphic software.

Ocean environment
- Worldwide Sound Speed, Temperature, Salinity, and Buoyancy from the 2001 World Ocean Atlas in matlab format, including a data file for sound speed (and T, S, N) anywhere on the globe. (Brian Dushaw)
-Sea-Mat Several matlab toolboxes for oceanographic analysis and modeling.

Seismic/ seismological software.
Center for Wave Phenomena Software Library. The popular Seismic Unix program can be found here. Seismic Unix is used for analysis of seismic exploration software.
-ORFEUS Seismological Software Library: a large collection of seismological software including ray models that should be useful for ocean acoustic applications.