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Acoustic Channel Simulator  (January 2014)
(P. Qarabaqi and M. Stojanovic, Northeastern University)
(see also http://millitsa.coe.neu.edu/?q=projects)
Uses arrival time information from BELLHOP or a simplified multipath calculator for generating large-scale channel realizations.

arlpy, a Python interface to BELLHOP (New September 2018)
(Mandar Chitre, National University of Singapore)

BELLHOP gaussian beam/finite element beam code
(M. Porter, Heat, Light, and Sound Research, Inc.)

Eigenray --- Eigenray Acoustic Ray Tracing Code (updated August 2015)
(B. Dushaw, Applied Physics Laboratory, U. Washington)
Describes a Fortran ray model which follows closely the Bowlin ray code "Ray" (written in C) and drawing on earlier work with John Colosi. This version is optimized for long-range, deep-water calculations.

HARPO --- A 3D ray-tracing program for acoustic waves in the ocean
(R.M. Jones, J.P. Riley, and T.M. Georges, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

HWT_3D_mm --- Huygens Wavefront Tracing in 3D for moving media (New September 2013)
(Nikolay Zabotin, Oleg A. Godin, and Liudmila Ye. Zabotina, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

TRACEO Beam Tracing code [see also the SiPLAB site]  (Updated May 2015)
(O. Rodríguez and Emanuel Ey, Univ. Algarve, Portugal)

GPUTRACEO3D Beam Tracing code and dissertation (uses the GPU)  (Updated January 2019)
(Rogerio Calazan, Univ. Algarve, Portugal)

TV-APM: Time-Variable Acoustic Propagation Model (A. J. Silva and O. Rodríguez, University of Algarve, Portugal) (29 April 2012)

TRIMAIN: A range-dependent ray trace code (Orig. B.G. Roberts, Jr., VAX version: E.L. Wright/Hudson Labs/NRL)

USML: Under Sea Modeling Library with WaveQ3D beam tracing code for 3D (S. Reilly, Univ. Rhode Island and AEgis Technologies Group) (Updated May 2015)

VirTEX: Virtual Timeseries EXperiment code (contributions from J. Peterson, M. Porter, and M. Siderius, Orig. HLS Research)