HARPO --- A 3D ray-tracing program for acoustic waves in the ocean.

This program is no longer actively supported by the authors, but the Fortran source code can be downloaded from the NOAA/ETL FTP site:


The complete program manual (as of 1986) can be ordered from NTIS:

Jones, R. M., J. P. Riley, and T. M. Georges (1986): "HARPO-A versatile three-dimensional Hamiltonian ray-tracing program for acoustic waves in an ocean with irregular bottom." NOAA Special Report. 455 pp. NTIS Order no. PB87-172573/LL $86.50 each plus $5.00 handling.

Supplementary documentation for the PC version (1990) of HARPO (PCHARPO) is available as NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL WPL-180: "A PC version of the HARPO ocean acoustic ray-tracing program" by T. M. Georges, R. M. Jones, and R. S. Lawrence, 18 pp., includes diskette, 1990. Also available from NTIS.

Other technical reports related to HARPO are listed at this website and can be ordered from NTIS: